Sunday, 22 January 2017

Food and Cats. What more do you need?!

I posted yesterday with bits & bobs of news, so this really is an update on the menus planned for this week.

TODAY: We're having chilli/harissa lamb with a chickpea & spinach rice. There's a bit of ratatouille left from yesterday, so we'll have that too.

MONDAY: Turkey, vegetable & noodle stirfry. I've got chicory and sugar snap peas that need using up. I'll also throw in mushrooms, pepper , leek and tinned beansprouts. I brought some "Blue Dragon" stir fry sauces back from the UK so I'll use one of them - probably black bean.

TUESDAY: Harissa stuffed peppers - I first found this when I was following the 5:2 eating plan (which, if I'm honest, I probably ought to pick up with, but frankly can't be arsed with - not in winter!!! I feel I need all my calories - although I almost definitely don't!) It's a nice stuffing for peppers, and can be used in other things...

WEDNESDAY: Pasta bake made with the rest of the pepper stuffing, and some chopped tomatoes.

THURSDAY: Soufflés with a veggie sauce. We like soufflés, (similar to quennelles) and they are a nice comfort food. Alison is probably coming for aperos so this is good to prep before she arrives & pop in the oven to do its stuff. If I eat too many apero snacks I can save half my portion & have it for lunch tomorrow!

FRIDAY: Burns Night
(which reminds me of the time we saw "Burns Night" advertised outside a village hall, one Spring day. "It's nowhere near Burns Night" said Mr FD "That's in January!" Then we noticed that the poster had "St John's Ambulmance Brigade" across the top - it was all about dealing with burns, not drinking whiskey and eating haggis!)

SATURDAY: Chorizo One Pot. I will be adding mushrooms, no doubt.

SUNDAY: Thai Chicken & Coriander Coconut Rice
I'm not sure how coriander-y it will be. I doubt very much if I'll find fresh coriander, and although Carrefour sells pots of coriander "purée" I'm not shopping there at the moment. Because of theway my lessons are, Super U is the supermarket that is the most convenient on the day I have time to shop. It's not bad, but doesn't have the choice that the Carrefour hypermarket in Roanne has. In general, that's not a problem, but from time-to-time there's something I'd like that I can't get.

As always, Thank You for your comments. 
POMPOM - perhaps your son can send me (post haste!) one of his kilts! I hope that our Burns Night will be fun! I'm not sure what to expect, so We Shall See. I'm not sure I know what "pot roast" is - is it a piece of meat cooked in liquid? Was yours as delicious as it smelt?

BEVCHEN: TBH the potatoes here aren't that great for baking, unless I can get Agata variety. Size-wise I go with what I can we sometimes have two small ones each! 

JAN: The leek-and-beer quiche was nice. Here's a link to a recipe (but it's in French)

I've been feeding the Poor Cats of the village this weekend - they really are poor cats in this weather. Minus 15° can't be good for them. I hope that they are finding vaguely warm places to curl up. I heat the pasta/fat/meat mixture that I make in the slow cooker (courtesy of the Butcher in the St Just Carrefour) so the fat is quite liquid. I mix a good lot of cat biscuits with boiling stock, so they go a bit mushy. I add an egg to that, and then mix in the hot meat mix and a can of cat fud. They seem to appreciate it! I always fill their water bowl with hot water, and give them a load of biscuits too. Marie-Odile generally feeds them during the week.

I'm also knitting wobbley blankets. I used to send these to Spanish Stray Cats, but the postage was getting too much. Now I try to take one a week to the local Cat Refuge in Roanne - 
I drop it off each week, with a bag of biscuits and some tins of cat food. It's not much, but it's something. I wish I could do more!


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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Situation Critical!!!!

I'm sure other people must have the same problem...

You know how teaspoons always disappear - you start the week with a complete set (and maybe extra) but somehow they just vanish into thin air. Well, I've solved the mystery.

They transform into plastic boxes!!!!!

The situation in our plastic box drawer has reached Critical Mass!

 I can't fit any others in. I suspect too that it's going to be a frustrating job trying to find the appropriate lid for each box too. I will obviously have to do lots of batch cooking for the freezer to fill up all the boxes and transfer them to another place! (Although there's not actually that much room in the freezer as we brought an inordinately large number of naan breads back from the UK, which are now nestling in the freezer drawers! )

Otherwise, apart from being a bit chilly (it was -16° on Thursday, which I know is mere peanuts to some, but is pretty chilly to us!) we're all fine. I haven't planned next week's meals yet, but I do know we're out on Friday at a Burns Night supper. I've never been to one before, so it will be interesting to see what happens. Apparently, through my father's maternal family, I am entitled to wear the MacLeish family tartan 

Possibly a bit too late to have a kilt made up in it! Maybe next year.

If I can I'll pop in tomorrow to update the menus - but it's the Church AGM, so that's likely to take forever! We will see.

And just before I go, can I ask for your help?
I need to make an impoirtant decision, and I'm asking my blog readers to help me - please go to the Teapot to see how you can help me.


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Foodie Sunday

I am in the process of making a Sweet pôtato and lentil soup from this recipe.
Mr FD has started taking soup to work for his lunch, which is great, but means I have to make soup at the weekend...Which is OK if I have time/inclination/ingredients, but less so if I haven't! Anyway, today I had a few ingredients, including the sweet potato I'd planned to use but hadn't for some reason: so it made soup.

The other planned dinners for this week are:
TODAY: Beef and ale casserole, mashed potatoes, braised chicory.

MONDAY: Turkey fillets wrapped in bacon (we're having bacon sandwiches for lunch), potato wedges & tomato salad.

TUESDAY: The remains of the casserole today, with cabbage.

WEDNESDAY: Baked potato, with baked beans, mushrooms & grated cheese. I may throw together a salad too - although I'm not sure baked beans go with salad.

THURSDAY: Salmon and leeks, cooked with chilli and coconut milk, served with noodles and wilted spinach.

FRIDAY: Big veggie omelette (with maybe a bit of chorizo in it) and HM chips.

SATURDAY: Sausages (brought from the UK), baked potato, ratatouille

SUNDAY: Chilli spiced lamb and chickpea-and-spinach pilau. It's sort of this recipe for the lamb, with a ricey/chickpea/spinach mixture. 

We spent a good day with Danièle yesterday - thankfully, I didn't need to tell her the news about Olivier and Renée as she already knew. Also, during the afternoon, we discovered (as she was being kept up-to-date by another mutual friend) that the post-mortem showed that Renée had been killed by a massive blow to the head, and Olivier by a heart attack. Although it is still terrible that they died, at least they had not been burned to death, which was something we had feared. Both deaths would have been either instantaneous or very quick, which is something of a blessing.

Apart from that, we had a pleasant walk along the banks of the Loire, and a delicious meal. She had cooked a leek-and-beer quiche, then we had pintarde tagine, cheese and "deconstructed lemon meringue pie"

As always, I want to say Thank You for your comments

Lots of different subjects in POMPOM'S comment - it's always nice when a cat attaches themselves to you....It sounds like you are Timothy's "human". I like the Hairy Dieters, because it is real, proper food, not fancy. They appear to be two fairly ordinary guys who love their food, so they try to keep lower fat food tasty! 

ARIL - I need to admit that the photo wasn't my dinner - althpough mine didn't look far off that. I think "rustic" is fine - people are there to eat your food, not to take photos of it. I can't be doing with all that faffing around. 

MICHELLE - thank you for your sympathy. I'm not sure that there is more sad news around, (after all, more people died of diseases like polio etc in the past) but I think because of social media we hear about it more. It's like the fear that parents have for their children - the number of child abductions probably hasn't risen that much, but due to 24 hour news services and global news, we get to hear about them on a frequent basis, so it appears that there are more.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Running to Catch Up!

 I wrote this on Wednesday, but half way through the computer decided to start playing Silly Beggars, and I ran out of time before I needed to leave for Roanne! So here is last Wednesday's news:

Hello Peeps!

Goodness me! Where does the time go?! I had all good intentions of writing a couple of blog posts this weekend, but here I am, three days later with nothing written!

On Saturday I went for a walk with a friend, her daughter and her dog, Marvin. It was cold but enjoyable. I took a long time to thaw out afterwards. On Sunday, I went to church as usual, in the morning, but then had a surprise invitation to lunch with the Rector after church. Two other people were going, so I joined them - it was very enjoyable, but I didn't get home till 6 pm! Poor Mr FD had been left alone all day!

My Wednesday morning student cancelled, so I have a little extra time today, which is why I'm writing this. I do have to go to Roanne earlier than I would though as I want to deliver some cat food and blankets (if I can find them!) to the SPA cat shelter. I also need to leave a "Chat Trouvé" poster, regarding Jasper-boy, just in case his owner is looking for him. There are posters at the Mairie, the Vet, and near where he was found, as well as in the little supermarket and the boulangerie, so if his owners are in the village they should see one of them. We've also put adverts on a couple of Lost Animal sites, so we imagine they might look there - if they care! Of course, he might have just been dumped, or shut out when they went away over Christmas, in which case they don't deserve to have him back! If we have had no responses by the end of January, then we're going to say that he's ours, and have him castrated!

Food this week isn't very inspiring (although last night's stuffed peppers with rice, mushrooms & feta cheese were very nice!) but on Friday evening our friends from across the square are coming for dinner. I'm doing a quick smoked salmon paté (smoked salmon bits, whizzed up with herb-and-garlic cream cheese) and salad to start. I can prepare that on Thursday evening. The main course is a Hairy Dieter's recipe: Spanish Style Chicken Bake which basically involves throwing everything into a roasting tion and letting it cook! Not too ,much effort when we get home from work on Friday!

We have saved some of the stilton & cheddar that we brought back from the UK, for the cheese course (plus a couple of French cheeses) and then a very quick cheats' banoffi dessert:

Crumble 4 chocolate chip muffins, and mix with a little melted butter. Chop 2 bananas and mix in. Divide between 4 buttered ramekins or a baking dish. Cover with foil and put in oven (180°) for about 15 minutes to warm through.
Put 50g light brown sugar, 50g butter and 75ml of double cream into a pan, plus some vanilla. Gently heat until thesugar dissolves. Pour the sauce over the muffin mix & serve warm with ice cream.

And there the post ends.

As it is now Saturday, I can tell you that Monique & Michel declared everything as "delicious". The dessert was nice, but certainly not very elegant! Mr FD thought it would be better to caramelise the sugar/butter before adding the cream - I'm not sure it really made a difference to be honest. I think it would make a nice quick dessert for a family, but ity wasn't "dinner party" dessert....however, M&M aren't really "dinner party" people, so that's OK! We had it with vanilla & Macademia nut ice cream which was lovely. Or maybe you could add some nuts to the muffin mix instead.

Today we are going to visit our friend who lives near St Etienne - she used to live in the village, but moved after her husband, Paul, died. It will be lovely to see her, but I'm afraid I'm going to be the bearer of bad news...

You see, I was casually reading the local newspaper (local to us, not Danièle, now) and was reading an article about two old people who had died, in a rather horrible car crash (the car left the motorway, rolled over two or three timers then burst into flames)  Then near the end of the article their names were mentioned, and - to my horror - I realised that I had known them. They were members of the church that Danièle & I used to attend, such lovely, kind people. It was a real shock, and I feel that I need to tell Danièle. But it's not a very nice thing to have to tell someone. If you are of a praying nature, please remember the family of Olivier and Renée.

Thank you, once again for all your lovely comments. I do appreciate them.

Much hilarity from Jan and Sandra over a LolCat - I recognised the cat's pain!
I will be visiting Jan's new blog so maybe you can too. 

Sandra - the pork & mushroom casserole was very nice. And really easy too. I suggest you try it.

PomPom - Jasper is settling in, althopugh there are still battles. Millie, however, is rather terrified of him, and spends a lot of time skulking. She also sits shivering onthe balcony most evenings, rather than come in to sit with us, so we feel a bit guilty over that. It is a shame, because - most of the time - we think Jasper only wants to play,but as she runs away, he chases after her and it all goes pear shaped!

Hopefully I'll be able to get back on blogging tracks now. At least posting once a week. Have a good week, dear friends, and thank you for coming to see me!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Food for a New Year!

Hello Dear Peeps!

Two posts in two days?! Whatever is going on?

Here is a Happy New Year greeting.

And, as I have planned next week's menus, I thought I would share them with you.

TOMORROW (Monday) - Gammon steaks, brought back from the UK, with a marsala sauce, baked potato and broccoli.

TUESDAY: Vegetarian SC lasagne.

WEDNESDAY: Pork & Mushroom casserole, with rice and carrots

THURSDAY: I'm out for lunch with one of my students, so I won't want much dinner. Mr FD can have liver (yuckity-yuck) which is in the freezer from last time he had liver (y-y) and I'll have egg-on-toast.

FRIDAY: Mushroom & Spinach curry with naan bread (also imported recently from the UK)

SATURDAY: Gnocchi bake - though with more veggies (courgette & pepper) and maybe no cream

SUNDAY Spice rubbed turkey breast with sweet potatoes and braised chicory.

Jasper-the-cat has settled in very well, and although there has been some growly noises there has been no violence between him and the other cats. Millie won't be in the same room as him, Bib will growl and hiss and then run away, and Pomme will generally just ignore him, although he growls at her. He likes to be close to me, generally following me around the house (but I think it's because he links me with the provision of food!) He is still eating at almost every opportunity, but we're keeping him off wet food, as he's a bit farty, and we think it's because the food might be a bit rich for him, especially if he's not been eating much over the past weeks.

We haven't given up on George returning, but it's seeming less and less likely as time passes. I went past a derelict house today and out of the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of a big ginger cat scooting away - I went in, and called "George!" but there was no sign. As Mr FD said, George may well have forgotten his name and our voices by now, so he might just be afraid. If, of course, it was him. There are at least two stray ginger cats, to my knowledge, in the village, so it could have been one of them.

And fnally, if you have made any resolutions I hope you are able to keep to them...

Saturday, 31 December 2016

A Quick Christmas round-up and some Cat News

Hello Dear Peeps!
We're back home after spending 10 days in the UK - I took my camera, but took no photos!

We drove through France - two hours on Sunday evening, after the Carol service, up to Bourges, where we stayed in a Campanile hotel, and then the rest of the journey on Monday. Mr FD had booked us into the "Club Lounge" on the boat, which was very pleasant....calm and quiet, with complementary champagne, nibbles, tea and coffee. We arrived at MiL's house just after 5 o'clock.

We were due to drive to Milton Keynes, where we used to live, on Tuesday, to stay with some friends, but during Monday evening, Garyt texted to tell me that they'd had some bad news and were unable to put us up. We were disapponted, but understood. Luckily, we were able to stay with ML another night, so we went into Canterbury to do some shopping, then on Tuesday evening wnt to see the film "A United Kingdom", which was excellent.

I would definitely recommend seeing it if you get the chance.

On Wednesday we drove up to Liverpool, and arried at mum's around 4 o'clock. It was lovely to see her, and we had a relaxing few days with her...Some more shopping in Liverpool, going to see her neighbours for a lovely meal (They really went overboard with the Christmas decorations - snow laden village, 10 foot Christmas tree with a train running round it, giant baubles, Christmas themed teddy bears - the lot! They don't have children!) I also visited my 93 year old "aunty" Dorothy with mum. I remember when Dorothy and her friend Kathleen would come to our house a week before Christmas to decorate the Christmas cake with beautifully piped royal icing. Mum would bake an amazing cake but wasn't good at decorating it. In later years, Kathleen had MS, and was wheelchair bound, but she & Dorothy would still come to "do" the cake. I think that was the start of the celebrations for me!

We had a quiet Christmas day, with our meal spread out through the day - Church, followed by smoked salmon and a good Macon wine. A walk and then Mr FD cooked the main course - roast beef, yorkshires, potatoes, broccoli, butternut squash and parsnips. Lovely! We had cheese after Doctor Who, and Pannetone Pudding with the Baby Wranglers ("Call the Midwife"!)

During Boxing Day we drove back down to Kent, and stayed a couple more nights at MiL's, this time with Mr FD's brother, his wife & son there as well. A bit more shopping (a gift exchange in the Sales meant I was able to get a pair of jeans, a handbag and a jumper in exchange for a wrap, of which I received two this year!) and more delicious food and wine! On 28th we crossed back over the Channel and arrived home on Wednesday evening. The house was cold!! Both our neighbours (the school and the hotel) are closed so we have no heat from either side, plus we'd been absent for ten days. The cats were very pleased to see us and shared our bed!

Yesterday evening we went to friends for apèros and lots of nibbles, and tonight we have a meal of smoked salmon, followed by duckling in morille sauce, and Buche de Noel (courtesy of the Boulangerie)
 We will probably watch a film and go to bed before midnight.

But our big news is this boy:

You can read about him over at The Teapot - we have called him Jasper, but we don't know if he'll be staying, as it depends on whether we find his owners or not. It certainly seems that he's a domesticated cat, but whether he's been abandoned or lost we don't know. We've put up adverts saying he's been found, so we are waiting to see if we get any response.

Millie, Bib and Pomme aren't really sure about him, but most meetings so far have been reasonably polite - a little bad language but no fisticuffs.

I direct all my dear readers of this blog over to The Teapot (again!) for my New Year's greetings. Let's hope that 2017 is a peaceful year, and full of joyand blessing for us all.

But, whatever 2017 may bring us, remember that God has promised that He is always with us:

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Christmas Greetings

Here is a Happy Christmas video for you Cat lovers to enjoy!

And I wish all of my lovely Readers a very happy Christmas. I'm not sure I'll be posting now until after we get back from the UK, so I do hope that you all enjoy your time over Christmas.

May God bless you.