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Day 3 with the Cyclos.

If you want Days 1 and 2 you can read them here and here.

I thought I could ring the changes and tell you about Day 3 over here at Fat Dormouse.

So, as Mr FD had had a touch too much sun on Sunday, he decided he wasn't going to ride at all on Monday, so we decided to take a trip down memory lane...In 1991 and 1992 (yikes 26 years ago!) we spent a couple of holidays in the area so we travelled back to the village where we stayed, and a couple of villages we'd visited when we were there.

 So, we set off to Fayence first of all,

and then we went to Seillans
where the fountains were watering buckets of roses.

These were places we'd visited when we were staying here as Young Things. To be honest, I didn't really remember the villages, but they were pretty to visit.

We then called in at Callas to buy olive oil related goods for Rudy and Marie Odile, who were looking after the cats. And then on to Bargemon.

Bargemon has stayed in our memories, as the place where we enjoyed a…

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